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“Where is the City?” The exhibition acts on the current reality of the city, apart from nostalgic approaches to Istanbul or healing thoughts about the future. In the city where the "center-periphery" distinction has begun to fade, one can no longer talk about an ideal "Istanbulite", nor the distinction between those who came there later and those who are claimed to be foreign to the culture, nor the uniqueness of the "old Istanbul images".

The artists in the exhibition tell us that a new "Istanbul reality" should be considered with their works. Instead of the known symbols of the city, we encounter images of new buildings, squares, neighborhoods and different groups in the city that have gained function in today's system. Situations where the existing cultural structure in Istanbul and today's new ones meet and diverge are revealed.

After all, this art field is located in a "place" that includes exactly these situations, so starting with such an exhibition as an opening will both establish a rapport with the audience of that "place", eliminate the distinction between center and periphery, and eliminate the existing "metropolitan logic". will be able to initiate a thinking practice on ".


Press release

Exhibition Guide

Emre Zeytinoglu



M. Cevahir Akbaş, Setenay Alpsoy, Sercan Apaydın, Can Aytekin, Antonio Cosentino, Mustafa Duymaz, Ahmet Elhan, Murat Germen, Sinan Logie, Mustafa Pancar, Rüçhan Şahinoğlu

Photos: Zeynep Fırat

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